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When you buy this product you are buying an ad for your company to be placed into our web service directory.

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Mister Find IT, LLC hosts an online website service directory.  This directory is geared to resellers, particularly new resellers.    As many of you know when a company is starting out, they have a challenge finding suppliers, and services they can trust.  You also know that if you can provide that product or service, and continue good service to that customer, they generally stay with that provider for a life time.   That’s why you should have your company listed in our directory.  While Mister Find It has been reselling since 1993,  most of our viewers are just starting their reselling business.    They will want to engage with your experience, and you now have the opportunity to gain life time customers if you provide the services in our directory.   Our directory  features manufactures, wholesalers, drop shippers, print on demand, and other companies that provide website services or products geared to the reseller, or management of an online store.   When you buy this product you are buying an ad for your company to be placed into our web service directory.

We could easily charge $698 a year to place your ad in our directory. 

Our Web Service Directory

Links your ad to your company name as well as to the products you offer.  Then your ad links directly to your website.  In addition our articles on reselling will direct viewers to the directory.   Customers can then find you, based on the type of business you are, or if they are interested in reselling a particular product (yours), or in need of a particular service (yours), they find you and your ad.  We do not run scroll away ads, where a customer sees your ad today but it’s gone tomorrow.  We are building our directory from the ground up, with solid links directly to your ad.

We are not even going to charge $698 for a lifetime placement.

For a limited time you can place a lifetime ad in our directory for ONLY $288 – ORDER NOW! 

After payment is received, you can write your ad.  Your ad will be placed in the Web Service Directory within 48 business hours after we review it and your website.    Your ad and website must pertain to products or services for wholesale, drop shipping or reselling industries.  Mister Find It has the right to refuse any listing for any reason.  No Political, offensive, illegal, sexual, alcohol, or tobacco  related ads will be posted.  In posting your ad, you agree to the terms of our site

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