Coehorn Golfball 
Mortar For Sale

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Coehorn Golfball Mortar For Sale 

This Golfball Coehorn is NOT A TOY!   

Please read entire description before ordering.


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Coehorn Golfball Mortar

For Sale

Coehorn Mortar 1.700 Face
Golfball Coehorn Mortar 1.700 Face
Coehorn Mortar 1.700 Bore
Golfball Coehorn Mortar 1.700 Bore
Civil War Coehorn Mortar Side
Golfball Civil War Coehorn Mortar Side
Civil War Coehorn Mortar Top
Golfball Civil War Coehorn Mortar Top
Civil War Coehorn Mortar Back
Golfball Civil War Coehorn Mortar Back
golfball mortar for sale side
golfball mortar for sale side
Golfball mortar for sale top
Golfball mortar for sale top

This 1.700” Golfball Coehorn Mortar is for sale and is NOT A TOY!   Otherwise known as a Golfball Mortar, this is a heavy grade mortar made of 12L14 steel that can with stand 70,000 PSI, with soft maple wood frame and painted camouflage.  Comes with all safety features and pins, uses friction primer & 12” nail to stake to the ground.  This Golfball Coehorn mortar can shoot golfballs further then your driver. (Watch Video) This is a civil war mortar replica model (built to scale) being sold by a retiring manufacturer.  Muzzle-loaders are not usually considered firearms under the GCA.

Bore: 1.700”

Barrel Length: 6”

Over All Length: 14”

Barrel Width: 2 3/4”

Height: 7”

Width: 4 ¾”

Fires:  Golf Balls

Weight: 8 ½ Lbs

Ship Weight: 10 Lbs.

Est. Shipping and Insurance: $40.00

Shipping and Insurance is not included: You will receive a separate invoice for all shipping related charges and you will be required to prove age over 18, and able to purchase a muzzle loading mortar within your state.  This Golfball Coehorn Mortar could shoot golfballs. This Civil War Golfball Coehorn model was Made In U.S.A., and is being sold for recreational hunting, sporting events (cannon competitions), cultural purposes (such as civil war education), or as an collectible display piece.  To see the process and quality this mortar and all these civil war model cannons are made, click here, and view the pictures.

With the stress on the shipping industry right now, it may be best to make arrangements to pick up your order (contact us for arrangements – Location is Texas 76078). Even if it is covered by insurance, if it is lost or damaged, the manufacturer can’t make another.  If we arrange to meet part way, you are responsible for all our travel expense.   Posted Weight and ship weight are estimated. If we do ship, this item can only be shipped in the lower 48 US States, and you will receive separate invoice for shipping, insurance and crating if needed.  Shipping and related charges will be paid directly to manufacture through Paypal.  Crating can take up to 7 -10 days.  If Shipped, you need to inspect for damage before signing, as you have only 3 days from delivery to file a claim, and you would be responsible for return shipping.  No coupon or discount codes can be applied to this item.  In making this purchase you agree to hold Mister Find IT, the manufacturer, and any of our associates harmless of any and all liability, including harm to yourself or others.   THIS ITEM CAN NOT BE SOLD TO ANYONE IN: California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, Ohio, New Jersey, or New York.  As a disclaimer, please check your local ordinances and statutes to ensure compliance with all laws.


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